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Building Times

Turnpike Building Times

Turnpike Elementary Building Times

Student Arrival Time: 8:25 AM

Expanded Pre-K (EPK3) Dismissal Time: 1:30 PM

Universal Pre-K (UPK4) - 2nd Grade Parent Pick-Up Time: 2:40 PM

Universal Pre-K (UPK4) - 2nd Grade Parent Bus Dismissal Time: 2:45 PM

Busses Depart Turnpike Elementary at: Approximately 3:00 PM 

Half-Day EPK & Beginnings Dismissal: 11:00 AM

Half-Day Parent Pick-Up Time: 11:30 AM

Half-Day Bus Dismissal Time: 11:35 AM

Find detailed information about Turnpike student drop off/pick up and arrival/dismissal here.